Azure DevOps

Henson Group's DevOps team can assist your company with establishing, improving, or outsourcing your DevOps. Our remote DevOps teams have extensive experience with various projects, which we employ in handling organizational activities, software development management, and resolving issues. In fact, our software deployment speed is incredibly fast due to our already well-established operational methodology.


We work with you to integrate a clear organizational structure for a remote DevOps team that utilizes task-based assignments making our DevOps work efficient and result-oriented. Another plus of outsourcing DevOps to our company is the price tag. The average salary for middle DevOps engineer is $125,000 in English-speaking countries.  We offer hourly rates for the same DevOps engineer for $60/hour. Lastly, we have no contracts so you can cancel at any time.

While outsourcing DevOps is not for everyone, here are the benefits of our program:

  1. You will benefit from our experience in working with various projects, thus we can handle different issues and unforeseen situations.

  2. You will receive high speed of deployment without additional resources.

  3. You'll have a lower risk of staff turnover and employee attrition.

  4. You will can scale up and down with no administrative costs of more resources.

  5. It's on us to deliver high-quality services, so you will continue our month-to-month cloud service.

Our DevOps outsourcing services help you to automate your applications and business processes to decrease time to market, increase efficiency, and reduce your IT costs.


Cloud-Managed Services

We do everything you need to build, maintain, support and scale cloud infrastructure. We help you to implement the best and most modern tools for your cloud environments.


Microservices Architecture

Convert your actual monolithic application to microservices using Docker, Kubernetes, and more. lsolate your services with  microservices and receive all the benefits from changing your architecture.



& Process

DevOps is about tooling but also about culture and processes. We review your DevOps operations and recommend improvements and provide important mentoring, training, and continuous process reviews.



Build CI/CD pipelines, implement microservices architectures in the cloud, and leverage the best practices and methodologies.



& Management

Managing clusters web servers, database servers, and caching servers can be a pain; we know it. Let us help you by using the right tools to configure and administrate all your cloud environments.




Architect any application with the GitHub DevOps tools with operational excellence, security, and reliability. Henson Group will help you to implement or improve your overall DevOps processes.

Perks of Buying Licensing from Us

  • Same pricing as Microsoft's listing

  • Free migrations with no limit on environment size
  • Unlimited 24/7/365 access to Microsoft Premier support

  • Advice on improving performance and security while reducing costs

  • Advisory and guidance on architecture and infrastructure.

  • Advisory and guidance on architecture and infrastructure.

  • Absolutely free MSP monitoring and VM patching with custom notification schedules

  • Dedicated team to help you PaaS-ify services

  • Continuous cost monitoring and altering

Office Desk

Why Choose Henson Group?

  • Implementations at only a fraction of the cost of our global competition

  • ISO 27000, 9000, 20000-certified and GDPR compliant

  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

  • Named Partner of the Year six times by Microsoft

  • 19+ years of experience

  • Most employees are former Microsoft engineers

  • Access to rare product groups, code, and extensive tech knowledge

  • Free escalation path to Microsoft Premier support