Shift to value with IoT

IoT is quickly entering into its next evolution. Thanks to cloud computing, the use of IoT now goes well beyond sci-fi movies. IoT is embedded in sensors in clothing, factory floor equipment, pharmaceutical processing and driverless cars. IoT is past the device stage and is now moving into making use of the data gathered from specific IoT devices - otherwise known as IoT Edge.

With intelligence gathering, IoT delivers enormous untapped opportunity. Businesses can use IoT to identify early warning patterns, monitor a person’s health, track production levels and quickly respond without physician intervention. However. most organizations have stockpiled their data instead of mining it. That means they’re missing out on the insights it can provide to transform customer experiences, optimize operations, modernize employee experiences and create new business opportunities.

Focus on your goals – not just the sensors and data

We can help develop and optimize your IoT strategy through design-led approaches, keeping you focused on your end goals, rather than just the sensor or the data. We can help you integrate and use sensor data in your business processes to transform how you work. Whether you’re thinking of using IoT to build a predictive maintenance solution, control office environments, drive operational excellence in manufacturing processes or embrace IoT Edge, we can help.


Realize the benefits of IoT

Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, IoT can help create lift for your organization in many ways:

  • Increase operational efficiencies and quality

  • Shift to predictive and proactive maintenance

  • Create new business models driven by AI plus IoT

  • Round out theoretical data scenarios with real-world sensor data

  • Increase yield and production

  • Add monitoring services to your own portfolio

  • Join the smart device home revolution

How to get started with IoT

It’s not about the internet of some things, but the internet of everything – communicating, planning and being proactive to find your next business opportunity. Get started on your IoT strategy with one of our innovation or design-led workshops. Validate your IoT idea with our proof-of-concept approach. Transform your business using our expertise in digital technologies and integration to design, deploy and manage your IoT ecosystem.

Reach out to your Henson Group representative today or book a meeting here with a cloud specialist.